Our proven search approach will be tailored to successfully meet your organization's recruitment goals. The following describes the main ten phases we utilize in our executive recruitment.

Step 1

Recruitment Analysis

We perform an in-depth, comprehensive study of your organization and the position to evaluate your needs. Using this groundwork as the base for building a sound search strategy, CoTech Search meets with key stakeholders to gather information; enabling our firm to meticulously customize the search process to the needs of your unique organizational structure, mission, goals, and working environment.

Step 2

Sourcing & Recruitment

CoTech Solutions expertly “casts a wide net” to network and recruit a diverse group of professionals.  For all searches, we: conduct research to identify qualified potential candidates, utilize our robust private database of talented executive leaders to network the position, strategically advertise, and recruit the role to secure a precise candidate match for your organization’s culture.
Step 3


Utilizing our expertise, established connections, and tailored industry research, CoTech identifies and discretely connects with appropriate prospective candidate targets, leaders, boards, associations, professional organizations, and nonprofits. Throughout this process, applicable background information resumes, applications, portfolios are collected.
Step 4


All applicants are rigorously screened and methodically interviewed to address the specified requirements for each search we lead. Our detailed process allows us to delve deep into each prospective candidate’s background, career history, goals, motivations, career plans, and accomplishments, to efficiently judge their abilities and prospective effectiveness.
Step 5


The goal of screening and preliminary interviews is to make initial judgments which can be tested in further interviews, interactions, and reference checking. We base our evaluations on key stakeholder’s objectives in an effort to create an ideal “match” between the identified talent pool and the needs of the position.
Step 6

Candidate Presentation

We provide detailed profiles of the most qualified executive candidates who are an exceptional “fit” for the position. CoTech Solution candidate profiles offer factual insight into the applicant’s specific background. Each presentation includes: (1) salary expectations; (2) career highlights; (3) availability; (4) facts evidencing the employer match, (5) interpersonal skills, and (6) supplemental information to consider.
Step 7

Client Interviews

We support you throughout the interview process! Our work includes finalizing plans with the committee for interviews, coordinating candidate participation, scheduling phone calls, meetings, and offering advice on travel arrangements. Have a question along the way? You’ll be pleased to know our staff is available to you at all times as a resource!
Step 8

Final Candidate Selection

We deliver the final candidate pool to your team. Our Recruiters will assist in debriefing your team following the in-person organizational interviews.